EZ-Kote, Inc.
The World's Leader in Semi-Permanent
 Water-Based Mold Release Agents
The 21st Century solution for rubber mold release applications featuring an unmatched level of slip, mold cleanliness, and maximum releases.
EZ-Kote HMT Product Overview:
EZ-Kote HMT is a state-of-the-art, water-based, semi-permanent mold release agent designed specifically for the rubber industry.
HMT provides unequalled ease of release resulting in a cleaner finished product, less scrap and more pulls per mold for superior cost savings.
EZ-Kote Advantages:
  • Prevents build-up, allowing molds to stay cleaner up to 10 times longer
  • Provides unsurpassed ease of release and multiple pull capabilities
  • Offers easy application with a simple one-step process and instant curing
  • Ideal for a wide range of rubber and elastomer applications
  • HMT allows a greater number for release for Flouroelastomers, Polyacrylic Rubber, Natural Rubber, and peroxide cured EPDM without knit lines or bond failures
  • Eliminates knit lines and bond failures
EZ-Kote Application Guidelines:
1. The Mold surface must be thoroughly clean and dry. Clean the mold with a proper cleaning agent to remove the existing mold release and contaminants.

2. Apply one to three coats of EZ-Kote to the mold. If plant air is not moisture-free, extra care must be taken to assure that the film is dry.

3. For molds in production, use super-fine spray atomization. Apply a minimal coat from three directions and allow the film to completely dry. This should take only seconds.

Product Specifications:

Click here for HMT Safety Data Sheet