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 Water-Based Mold Release Agents
EZ-Kote R1
R1 is a non-transfer water-based, anti-stick release agent designed specifically for the preformed rubber and finished goods industry. Transparent R1 prevents the sticking of products during the curing and molding process. When used in blanket molds, R1 allows for easier and more effective release.
R1 is available in both spray and aerosol.
EZ-Kote R1 Features:
  • R1 is used by rubber compounders in their dip tanks and cable or hose extruders to replace stearate baths and talc dusting.
  • SLAB DIP: Using R1 will prevent uncured stock from sticking to itself and other uncured stocks. R1 is transparent and will not discolor white or colored stocks. A 1 part R1 to 3 part water solution is recommended. Tap water is acceptable.
  • LUBRICATING EXTRUDED GOODS: Passing an extrusion through an R1 solution will prevent sticking during cure. A 1 part R1 to 3 part water solution is recommended. Tap water is acceptable.
  • PREVENTING OF WATER SPOTTING IN OPEN STEAM CURE: To prevent water spotting in open steam cure, pass stock through a 1 part R1 to 1 part water solution before cure. Tap water is acceptable. This coating will prevent water droplets from standing on the surface of finished parts, thereby eliminating spotting.
  • PRE-FORMS FOR MOLDING OPERATIONS: Using a solution of 1 part R1 to 3 parts water will prevent uncured pre-forms from sticking to each other or any uncured stocks. Tap water is acceptable.
  • MOLD LUBRICANT: To allow easier removal of goods from molds, coat slab stocks or preformed stocks with R1 or the recommended dilution. Unlike soaps or different stearates, coating with R1 also prevents build-up on the molds.
  • FINISHED GOODS: Coating finished goods with a 1 part R1 to 3 part water solution will prevent sticking. Tap water is acceptable. This solution is transparent, unlike powders or other release agents.

Product Specifications:
Click here for R1 Safety Data Sheet