Our rubber mold release application provides the cleanest molds possible.

Rubber mold with a release agent
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Our rubber mold release application makes your industrial process more efficient.


Water-based, semi-permanent mold release creates a cleaner finished product.

Diluting and spraying every heat creates a steady state that allows for the cleanest possible molds.

Multiple pull capabilities and unsurpassed ease of release.

Easy application thanks to a one-step process and instant curing to decrease downtimes and increase production.

Greater number of releases without knit lines or bond failures.

Carrier evaporates and releases polymers to bond to a mold for multiple releases.

Bonding is responsible for durability and abrasion resistance.

Extremely low surface tension allows film to form over a PTFE or chrome mold surface.

Latex gloves in the factory
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Foam With Ridges and Divots


Silazane mold release technology for cast urethanes, rigid urethane foams, and rubber.

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