About EZ-Kote

Learn more about EZ-Kote, Inc., a company that specializes in water-based mold release agents.


​​EZ-Kote is the legacy of pioneering best-in-class mold release technology. Our mission has not changed. Explore our history as well as our latest developments in water-based silazanes.


Research and development of solvent-based silazane mold release technology.

Milky White Substance in a Glass Container
Droplet of water forming an indentation on the surface


Founder and CEO Bill Stephens patents the world’s first water-based mold release technology.


EZ-Kote, Inc., is founded outside of Atlanta, Georgia, offering a full product line of water-based mold release solutions for the rubber and plastic industries.

55 gallon drums stacked on pallets ready for shipping
Plastic bottles being filled in a factory


EZ-Kote launches R10 Sealer and M6 technologies specialized for polyurethanes and elastomers.


EZ-Kote brings to market its latest innovation: water-based silazane mold release technology.

Clear beaker with clear liquid in it


​​Your success is our top priority! If you’re interested in environmentally friendly water-based mold release agents that help reduce defective SKUs, decrease downtime, and improve your bottom line, reach out to us. We provide free samples for your research needs. Feel free to ask us any questions! We typically respond within 24 hours.