Our M-Series of non-transferring mold release agents provide extended mold life, cleaner releases, and decreased cycle times.


Our polyurethane mold release agents allow for immediate mold prep to reduce shot cycle times. Non-transferring agents improve paintability and bondability on all items.

Gloved hand on a tablet computer
Polyurethane wheels


Discover our non-transferring mold releases that feature instant curing to reduce cycle times with no wax build-up.

“R2SZ – The pieces came out without any problem in production, without spots , even tested in the process in which they present the most difficulty in production. It was used in the form of a sacrifice release agent. The Production Manager’s comments were positive for the performance of the product.”

natural rubber (anti-fatigue mat),
compression molding, steel

“MLEX-2 aerosol proved very
successful for our application.”

cast urethane, open cast molding, steel


EZ-Kote’s M Series of mold release agents eject molded parts easily so your industrial process can continue uninterruptedly for shorter shot cycle times. Produce more, waste less, and improve SKUs with each production run. Ask us about a free sample to use in your research and development. We’re happy to help!