These two products are designed for the rubber industry and metal molds, respectively.

Mold awaiting raw materials
Assorted O-ring coatings and sizes


Enjoy superior cost savings of these products due to the cleanest molds possible with HMTSZ and a low-gloss finish for better paintability and bondability without post-part cleaning, thanks to PVCSZ.


Designed specifically for fluoroelastomers, polyacrylic rubber, natural rubber, and peroxide cured EPDM. Features immediate paintability and bondability of the molded part, and eliminates knit lines and bond failures.

Pallet of EZ Kote Products in Large Plastic Jugs
PVC pipes that need coating


Excellent for RIM and PVC slush molding where paintability and bondability are achievable without post part cleaning. Releases all PVC and thermoplastic elastomers.

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