A non-transferring, environmentally friendly mold release has many formulations to meet your needs for plastics and epoxies.


Save money by making your manufacturing process more efficient with a mold release agent that fulfills your precise specifications.

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Two Clear Plastic Gears on a Mold


Our PVCSZ mold release agent is excellent for RIM processes where you want to improve efficiency and decrease defects. 66H works perfectly for epoxies.

“R2SZ – The pieces came out without any problem in production, without spots , even tested in the process in which they present the most difficulty in production. It was used in the form of a sacrifice release agent. The Production Manager’s comments were positive for the performance of the product.”

natural rubber (anti-fatigue mat),
compression molding, steel

“MLEX-2 aerosol proved very
successful for our application.”

cast urethane, open cast molding, steel


​​Want to see what our mold release agents can do for your production line? Reach out to us, and we’ll send you a free sample to use on your pilot line. We’re happy to assist in any way we can to help you improve your bottom line and increase your competitiveness in your target market.