Our M Series of products work well as mold releases for foam, urethanes, silicone, resins, and composites.

Foam With Ridges and Divots Second
Engine Parts Made of Plastic and Metal


These products help your molds stay cleaner for up to 10 times longer to reduce downtime between applications by providing a clean release.


Used for rigid foam. An affordable general use solution for sacrificial (non-permanent) mold release of urethane and rubber. Excellent mandrel release agent for hose manufacturing.

M1 Pallet of 55 Gallon Drums
Blue and White Shoe Sole


Excellent for shoe sole production, particularly urethane midsole and outsole shoe soles when your products need perfect cosmetics, paintability, low gloss, and bondability.


This product achieves up to eight times longer mold life for integral skin applications for automotive parts such as dashboards, steering wheels, headrests, and seats. Cast urethanes, RIM, and composites work well with this M-Series product.

Pallet of EZ Kote Products in Large Plastic Jugs

“Overall I can see a distinct benefit with this semi permanent RA. Without a doubt I was able to get multiple samples between sprayings with relative ease.”

-polyurethane; aluminum slab mold (Teflon coated), shoe production

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