For an unmatched level of slip, mold cleanliness and maximum releases for silicone rubber.

Silicone Rubber Parts Ready for Shipping
Seal Gaskets and Small Plastic Parts


Perfect for rubber parts that don’t have a tearing problem, our RS3A mold release agent offers unsurpassed ease of release and multiple pull capabilities.


Apply full strength for hot touch-ups. This mold release is ideal for a wide range of elastomer applications while achieving the greatest number of releases (over 500) without knit lines or bond failures with silicone rubber.

Metal and plastic parts

“RS3A mold release works very well and is very durable for release of silicone, there is no sign of release transfer to the molded product or any surface change which is common with other mold releases. There is no touch-up needed for a good release. After four hours of running there was no noticeable change in release and believe it was not necessary for touch-up.”

-silicon rubber, single cavity injection mold, 1045 steel with a standard machine finish

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