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Our experienced engineers and chemists lead the world in semi-permanent, water-based mold release agents and O-ring surface treatments.


Introducing Our New Silazane Technology

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EZ-Kote offers the only water-based silazane mold release technology on the market. Unlike traditional polysilsesquioxane and polysiloxane-based mold release agents, our SZ line of water-based silazane release agents form a metallosilazane (Me-N-Si) bond to the mold with a higher affinity and stability than a metallosiloxane (Me-O-Si) bond. The performance of our SZ products are second to none.

Get higher thermal stability, increased abrasion resistance, and lower surface tension that result in higher yields, cleaner molds, and maximum savings for our customers.


​​Transform Your Manufacturing ​​Processes

Customers in the rubber, urethane, and composite industries turn to us for superior semi-permanent, water-based mold release agents and O-ring surface treatments as well as custom formulations to meet your exacting requirements and specifications.

We collaborate with you and your team to help you make informed and conscientious decisions about how our environmentally friendly products can benefit your company.

Increased Productivity
Greater Customer Satisfaction
Higher Yields
Cleaner Molds
Improved Work Environment for Employees
Fewer Maintenance Issues
Less Downtime
Fewer Rejected & Defective SKUs


EZ-Kote serves the rubber, plastics, and urethane/elastomers industries with world-class mold release agents, O-ring surface treatments, and custom formulations for your industrial equipment and production lines.

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We can custom-make formulas for your molds or O-rings to meet your exacting requirements. Our experienced chemists and engineers will consult and collaborate with your team to bring your ideas to fruition.


We value our customer relationships, earning respect and trust through consistently dependable performance, superior products, world-class customer service, and hands-on technical support. We have earned a reputation for excellence. We intend to keep it by winning the confidence of our customers.

Would you like a free sample of our products for a trial run? Reach out, and we’re happy to oblige.