4 Key Advantages of Water-Based Mold Release Agents Versus Waxes

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EZ-Kote manufactures and provides world-class mold release agents to help make your industrial processes more cost-effective. 

In today’s blog, we discuss four key advantages of water-based mold release agents versus waxes.

1. Quicker Applications

Water-based mold releases offer quicker applications compared to waxes. We offer spray-on formulas that go on molds easily, cure readily, and reduce the time it takes your staff to apply the mold release agent.

Waxes are often heavier, which means they take longer to apply. They also take longer to cure because wax-based mold releases are thicker. Waxes often need a multi-step application process, which takes more time away from production and needs more staff time. 

2. Less Residue

Many of our water-based formulas achieve zero transfer onto parts, something that wax-based applications may not be able to achieve. You might have to clean the products after the mold is released.

Water-based mold releases give you a cleaner finished product without having to go through extra steps in your industrial processes. You save time, make more products, and improve your time to market with water-based mold release versus waxes.

3. Fewer Steps in Your Production Process

Products that release from a mold coating in wax may require buffing, sanding, or polishing afterward. Your staff or equipment might need an extra step or two, which lengthens your production time, reduces output, and slows your overall process. 

Water-based mold release agents don’t need these extra steps. Your products come out cleaner, without residue and without cleaning.  

4. Fewer Defects

Waxes do not do well for narrow corners and small areas. This might lead to bare spots and damage later because the application either didn’t take properly or accumulated in corners too much.

Water-based mold releases don’t have this difficulty. Sprays are atomized, go on evenly, cure quickly, and go on much thinner than waxes. There are fewer defects when you have complicated parts with tiny corners and intricate details.

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