The Right Release Agent Saves You Money

In this blog, EZ-Kote explains what anti-tack release agents are, explores their applications, and uncovers the many benefits of using the R1100 over traditional alternatives like talc or metallic stearates. 

Plus, we’ll show you how this product can save your business time and money. 

What Is an Anti-Tack Release Agent?

In rubber manufacturing, these agents play a pivotal role in preventing the sticking of uncured rubber compounds to molds, tools, or even to each other during processing. 

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They essentially act as a protective shield against adhesion, making it easier to handle and process rubber materials.

Anti-tack agents come in various forms, including powders, liquids, and emulsions. EZ-Kote’s R1100 is a liquid coating, setting it apart from traditional alternatives. This transparency is more than just a visual perk; it’s the key to leaving no residue behind, something you won’t get with talc or metallic stearates.

Applications of Anti-Tack Release Agents

In rubber manufacturing alone, there are many applications for anti-tack release agents, including: 

1. Rubber extrusions: Rubber extrusions refer to the process of shaping rubber materials into different cross-sectional profiles. 

Anti-tack agents like the R1100 are applied to molds and equipment to prevent the extruded rubber from sticking to them, ensuring a smooth and efficient manufacturing process.

2. Preformed rubber: Anti-tack agents are necessary when rubber materials are preformed into specific shapes or sizes before being vulcanized or cured. These agents keep the preformed rubber pieces from adhering to each other or the packaging.

3. Finished goods: Once your rubber products are ready for market, anti-tack release agents come into play again. The R1100 ensures your finished goods remain clean and free from sticking or spotting issues during curing.

Benefits of the R1100 over Talc or Metallic Stearates

What makes EZ-Kote’s R1100 anti-tack release agent a superior choice compared to traditional options like talc or metallic stearates?

Unlike talc and metallic stearates, the R1100 is a transparent liquid that leaves no residue behind. This means you won’t have to deal with the messy aftermath of cleaning or dusting off your final products. Its water-based anti-stick properties also ensure that your rubber materials are released effectively in blanket molds.

If you’ve been relying on stearate baths and talc dusting to keep your rubber products from sticking, the R1100 offers a far more efficient alternative. You can save money by eliminating the need for these cumbersome and costly processes.

One of the most critical aspects of rubber manufacturing is ensuring that your products are cured uniformly and free from defects. The R1100 ensures that sticking and spotting are no longer concerns during the curing process, resulting in a higher-quality end product.

How Using the R1100 Saves Money

Saving money in any manufacturing process is a significant win, and EZ-Kote’s R1100 Anti-Tack Release Agent provides several avenues for cost savings:

Reduced Labor Costs

Say goodbye to the labor-intensive process of cleaning and dusting off final products. This means less time spent on manual labor and more time for productive tasks.

Lower Material Costs

Eliminating the need for stearate baths and talc dusting reduces your material consumption. You’ll use less of these costly resources, directly impacting your budget.

Improved Product Quality

The R1100 ensures that your products meet the highest quality standards by preventing sticking and spotting during cure. Fewer defects mean fewer rejected or reworked items, ultimately saving you money.

Increased Production Efficiency 

This product’s release effectiveness translates to smoother production. Fewer interruptions due to sticking issues mean higher productivity and less downtime, resulting in cost savings.

EZ-Kote Can Help You Choose an Anti-Tack Agent.

The R1100 Anti-Tack Release Agent is a game-changer for the rubber manufacturing industry. We have decades of experience with anti-tack agents. Our engineers can help you select and test the right one for your application.
Contact EZ-Kote or call (770) 720-1811 for more information on our anti-tack formulas for your company.