Why a Non-Reactive Mold Release May Be Your Best Option

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One key to mold release solutions is the fact they don’t react to their surroundings. When you invest in silazane or fluoropolymer-based mold releases, their chemical properties are designed to stay neutral through various raw materials, mold substrates, and, perhaps most importantly, temperatures.

Find out why a non-reactive mold release might be your best option for your industrial processes.

A Non-Reactive Mold Release Won’t Affect the SKUs

The first visible sign you want a non-reactive mold release is that it won’t affect the SKUs you create. Rather than needing to clean every SKU, the right solution leaves a clean finish every time when applied properly. Solvent-based mold release agents leave a residue behind, and your staff has to spend time cleaning your final product.

A Non-Reactive Mold Release Won’t Destroy the Mold

Molds can be made of several types of metals, from steel and aluminum to a beryllium-copper alloy. While metal molds may seem completely hard on the outside, even metals have pores that can let liquids seep into them over time. Stainless steel is the least porous metal, while aluminum is much more porous. If you’re working with an aluminum mold, you can’t have a mold release that seeps into it because it would weaken the metal over time.

While you can’t prevent porosity in aluminum, you can prevent your mold release from reacting with the aluminum. That’s another reason why you should invest in a non-reactive mold release.  

A Non-Reactive Mold Release Won’t Change Its Chemical Properties in High Heat

Many non-reactive mold release solutions remain neutral in temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures are important because some substances may not be reactive when at room temperature. But then you heat them up, and the heat serves as a catalyst for a reaction you don’t want to have. Even if you use solvents as a mold release agent for lower temperatures, they could still react with the mold or your products.

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