Why Are Mold Release Waxes Bad?

Metal Mold

Mold releases can come in waxes and sprays. Waxes are generally more appropriate for resin molds, even though water-based mold releases are available for these types of industrial products.

Why are mold-release waxes bad? EZ-Kote explains in today’s blog.

1. Prevents Sticking Together

Mold release waxes prevent resins from sticking to the mold. However, too much wax buildup can cause both sides of the mold to adhere to each other. That’s why you need to examine these molds regularly to make sure they don’t build up too much. 

If there is too much wax mold release build-up, coupled with extended high temperatures, waxes could cause sticking among the mold surface and then stuck-on burns that could affect the defects on SKUs.

2. Clean SKUs Less

Your finished product needs to be completely clean ahead of delivery to your customers. Wax mold releases commonly need to be cleaned after they cure or as they cure because the wax residue stays on the part. You’ll need an extra process to clean every SKU off to prevent quality control issues.

3. Mitigate Uneven Application

Some wax mold releases come in a spray bottle for ease of application. Even so, wax mold releases face problems with uneven distribution on molds. If the wax mold release hasn’t been shaken up properly or if it’s not mixed correctly in the spray bottle, it might not distribute evenly onto the mold.

Molds that are too hot can cause problems when the wax doesn’t adhere to the mold correctly. It might bead up or condense in the wrong areas. Rather than settling into every nook and cranny, wax mold releases can shift before they cure.

If you don’t spray on the wax, an uneven application is even more of a problem. Cloths with the wax mold release might mean too much or too little mold release on various areas of the part. 

The main problem with the uneven application of wax mold releases is that SKUs will be defective.

4. Reduce Unwanted Buildup

The unwanted buildup of a wax mold release can cause a host of problems with your plastics manufacturing. When you don’t clean the parts regularly, buildup causes premature or delayed knockout, damage to the mold or tools, poor quality of SKUs, overpacking, and straining.

Water-based molds have little or no buildup compared to wax mold releases. 

We can help you choose the right water-based mold release.

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