5 Reasons to Use Non-VOC Water-Based Mold Releases

Injection or Press Mold

Water-based mold releases have several advantages over solvent-based mold releases or waxes. One of these advantages is a lack of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds can wreak havoc on human senses by irritating someone’s eyes, nose, and throat. They can also cause nausea and vomiting, according to the American Lung Association

Where do VOCs come from? Petroleum-based solvents, says the EPA. Solvent-based mold releases contain VOCs because the solvents are based on refined petroleum products.

We discuss five reasons to use non-VOC, water-based mold releases for your industrial processes.

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1. Safety

Lowering the amount of VOCs in your facility is safer for your staff. These compounds may cause cancer following long-term exposure through the lungs. When applying solvent-based mold releases, your staff may have to wear protective equipment just to handle them.

Water-based mold releases don’t have these same issues. Investing in water-based mold release agents can make your facility and your company safer for workers.

2. Lower Storage Costs

Solvent-based mold releases with VOCs can increase your costs in several ways. First, they might be more expensive to store in your facility. They come in larger containers (or more containers) because they can’t be diluted using ordinary means. That will increase your shipping costs because of higher weights. 

Water-based solvents come in concentrated form, meaning you would add water to them to bring them up to their desired concentration.

3. Decreased Insurance Costs

Improved safety at your facility could lead to lower insurance costs. When your workers are in a safer environment, which you can prove to an insurance agent or adjuster, your premiums and rates might be lower when you show the chemicals your team works with are non-VOCs. 

4. Environmentally Friendly 

Water-based mold releases are environmentally friendly and are more sustainable compared to solvent-based varieties. If you’re looking for some green, sustainable initiatives for PR purposes and if you want to assure suppliers, vendors, and customers of your sustainable efforts.

5. Less Time Spent 

Worried about labor costs related to your mold releases? Water-based mold release agents can reduce your labor costs with fewer defects, longer mold life, and optimal use of raw materials when making final products.

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We Supply Water-Based Mold Releases

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