Why Concentrated Water-Based Mold Releases Save You Money

Pallet of EZ Kote Products in Large Plastic Jugs

Mold releases typically come in waxes or water-based forms. We specialize in water-based mold releases for your industrial processes. These environmentally friendly mold releases have several advantages, such as improved SKUs and less cleaning time (if any) for your finished products.

Water-based mold releases also save you money because you receive them in concentrated form.

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Lower Shipping Costs

We ship water-based mold releases to you in concentrated form in large plastic tubs or even 55-gallon drums. All you need to do is add water to the concentrated to our formulas to use them properly. 

Concentrates have less volume and hence less weight. You lower your shipping costs because you already have water at your facility to add to the product. Wax or solvent-based mold releases ship in their ready-to-use forms. But this means higher shipping costs.

Less Storage Expenses

Concentrated water-based mold releases save space in your storage facility, giving you more room for equipment, inventory, raw materials, or consumables. There’s no need to expand your facility to take on new mold release agents and applications. You can use the areas you have on hand. If you can store an entire truckload of mold release agents that can last you for several years, you lower your shipping costs even more by reducing the number of shipments you receive.

Use Only Exactly What You Need 

Let’s say one of your lines needs a certain concentration of one water-based mold release. Another line uses the same mold release but in a more concentrated form. Rather than ordering two different mold releases, you need just one formula that works for multiple processes or lines. You don’t need to order multiple concentrations of a solvent-based or wax mold release. Just one water-based mold release formula saves on your overall costs when ordering your mold releases.

Little or No Manual Cleaning

Concentrated water-based mold releases that need dilution won’t require as much cleaning, or any cleaning at all, compared to solvent-based mold releases. You’ll save staff time so your production crew can focus on improving your processes, reducing defects, and creating better products. 

Less cleaning, stopping, and starting allow your molds to last longer. They are also safer because your staff doesn’t have to handle the molds as often, which is particularly helpful when your molds are hot to the touch. There is less cool-down time and downtime in general.

Cure the Molds Properly

Curing the molds properly means you can achieve multiple releases without re-applying the mold releases. And you may not have to add time or heat to the process.

Because you won’t have re-apply the mold releases, you save more staff time as well as product expenses because you don’t need to use as much product.

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We can help you choose the proper mold release.

EZ-Kote has more than 30 years of experience with water-based mold releases. Our engineers can help you select and test the right one for your industrial processes, even if you need a custom formulation.
Contact EZ-Kote or call (770) 720-1811 for more details. We’ll respond within 24 hours.