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Molding Industry

Ensuring Food Safety With O-Ring Coatings

In food manufacturing, every component of the production process must meet rigorous standards.  Maintaining strict hygiene and product integrity is non-negotiable, from ingredients to equipment.

Production worker removes rubber from compression molding

What Is Compression Molding?

Compression molding is a technique for shaping raw materials like rubber, urethane, and composites.  We’ll explore how EZ-Kote’s mold release agents contribute to streamlining compression

Stack of rubber sheets

The Right Release Agent Saves You Money

In this blog, EZ-Kote explains what anti-tack release agents are, explores their applications, and uncovers the many benefits of using the R1100 over traditional alternatives

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Mold Releases

8 Benefits of Mold Release Sprays

Mold releases come in two primary forms for distribution: water-based and solvent-based. Water-based mold releases can be sprayed onto your molds because an atomizer evenly