5 Reasons Why Water-Based Mold Release Agents Perform Better Than Solvent-Based Types

Colorful Plastic Parts and the Mold

EZ-Kote provides a 21st-century solution for mold release applications. 

We utilize state-of-the-art, semi-permanent, water-based technology that does better than traditional mold release agents.

We’re looking at five reasons why water-based mold release agents perform better than solvent-based types.

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1. Materials Release From Molds Easier

Water-based mold release agents allow materials to release easily from the mold. It saves your staff time because you don’t have to redo multiple SKUs due to damage to finished products. 

If you have raw materials that you can’t repurpose back into pre-mold processes and materials, you save money on raw materials.

2. Helps Molds Last Longer

Water-based mold releases help your molds last longer because they coat the mold more easily. Spraying on the water-based mold release allows for more even distribution across the mold surface, allowing it to get into every square millimeter of the mold. 

Molds that last longer save you money on replacement molds and the labor costs it takes to replace them more often as well as lower amounts of downtime due to mold replacement.

3. Dilutable for Easier Shipping

Water-based mold releases are typically shipped in concentrated form, and you dilute them when you use them. This also makes these types of products easier to store because you don’t need as much storage space. 

If you dilute the water-based mold release agent with 5 parts water and 1 part agent, your storage needs are reduced by a factor of five compared to solvent-based mold releases. And the same amount of product lasts five times longer, so you don’t have to order it as much.

4. No VOCs or Other Harmful Chemicals

Water-based mold release agents contain no VOCs, a problem that can come from solvent-based types. VOCs are not as environmentally friendly as water-based applications, which is particularly useful if you are trying to attain sustainability goals. 

Sustainability is an increasingly big deal for consumers as more and more people turn towards sustainable brands. Mentioning the sustainability of your production process can lead to better public relations.

5. Reduce Risks to Workers

A lack of VOCs reduces fumes and the danger of catching on fire or explosions. When your staff changes out molds fewer times over the life of a mold, your employees don’t have to interact with a potentially hot mold that can burn a worker’s hands, sending them to get first aid or healthcare.

When you reduce risks to your employees, you save money on workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance premiums, and hiring temporary workers when they are out with an injury due to mishandling mold releases.

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Who can I contact about quality water-based mold release agents?

EZ-Kote can provide water-based mold release agents for your rubber, silicone, and elastomer surfaces. 
Contact EZ-Kote or call (770) 720-1811 for more information on our mold release solutions for your company.