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Urethane Casting FAQs

Urethane casting creates countless parts and products humans use every day. This industrial process has been around for decades, and manufacturers continue to refine how

Green Shoe Soles on a Production Line

Shoe Sole Mold Releases FAQs

Mold releases for shoe sole manufacturing work for a wide range of processes at your factory. Our chemical engineers have been working on first-class mold

Metal Mold
Mold Releases

Why Are Mold Release Waxes Bad?

Mold releases can come in waxes and sprays. Waxes are generally more appropriate for resin molds, even though water-based mold releases are available for these

Industrial Equipment With Tubes and Hoses
Mold Releases

8 Benefits of Mold Release Sprays

Mold releases come in two primary forms for distribution: water-based and solvent-based. Water-based mold releases can be sprayed onto your molds because an atomizer evenly